Welcome to Snuff City Ranch

Snuff City Ranch is an intensely managed trophy whitetail hunting ranch located just 75 miles soutwest of Fort Worth, Texas, near the small town of Iredell. The ranch lies on the northeastern portion of the Texas Hill Country, offering rugged landscapes, towering bluffs, and views for miles. High-fenced in 1989 to ensure proper management of the herd, the ranch has been conducting guided hunts since 1994. The results of our whitetail management program have proven very successful and can be viewed in our photo gallery.

Snuff City Ranch is also home to a scientific whitetail breeding program. Combining superior Northern genetics with top South Texas bloodlines, the program consistently produces bucks that score well into the 200 B&C range. Big Tex, Lumpy, and Twisty are just a few of our top bucks. All are top producers and have sired many awesome offspirng, in which several scored over 200 B&C by two and three years old. With this foundation in place, the ranch will continue to be a top breeder of superior whitetail genetics.

We appreciate your visit and hope you will explore the rest of our website. If you have any questions about our site or operations, please feel free to contact us at any time. We continue to update our website so please check back soon. Thanks for stopping by!