Trophy Whitetail Hunting

Snuff City Ranch consists of 1,153 high fenced acres completed in 1989. It has been intensely managed for whitetail deer since 1990. Trophy whitetail hunting began on the ranch in 1994. The ranch always has at least twenty (20) heavily fertilized food plots and provides cover that consists of oak, mesquite, cedar and other species. Northern deer with superior genetics were purchased and released on the ranch between 1991-1998. Since 2001 Snuff City Ranch has released bucks each year from its' scientific breeding program. The ranch has developed a reputation for large bodied animals and heavy mass. Mature bucks typically field dress between 180-200 pounds and some even larger. In 1998 the number one (1) scoring deer in Texas was killed here with a gross B&C score of 234. The next year (1999) a buck was harvested that grossed 218 B&C. Each year thereafter the ranch has yielded several bucks in the 160-190 range. In 2005, and again in 2006, two trophies that grossed in the 180's and four in the 160's were harvested.

The buck/doe ratio is maintained each year at 2:1 with an average of 110 horned bucks and 55 to 60 does. Only 8 to 10 trophy hunts are booked each year and almost no trophy hunter harvests a buck that gross scores less than 155-160 B&C. This ranch has proven to be one of the best trophy whitetail hunting ranches in Texas.

Snuff City Ranch has a special permit from TP&W, which allows rifle hunting from October 1 through February 28. Bow and arrow hunting is discouraged. The best hunting occurs during the rutting season from late October to the end of November. All hunts are guided and last 3 - 3 days if necessary. Most hunting is done from 5x7 tower blinds. Lodging and meals are included.

A limited number of "high end" management hunts are also available each year for our hunters. These consist of bucks that score between 130-145 gross B&C. For those who have only had limited hunting or have not had the opportunity to hunt a real trophy ranch like Snuff City, these are also good trophies. Great for the kids!

Each hunting fee consists of $1,500 which must be paid when booking a hunt. The harvest fees are as follows:

2010 Video - Field Footage

Click on the links below to watch some of our 2010 whitetail bucks!

Video Archive - Field Footage

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Snuff City Ranch - Trophy Hunts

  • Under 160 gross B&C - Additional $3,000
  • 160-199 gross B&C - Additional $3,000 plus $200/inch
  • 200 gross B&C and higher - negotiated fee

Snuff City Ranch - Management Hunts

  • Under 150 gross B&C - Additional $2,000